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The InstantCryo specialised and targeted cryotherapy device has the potential to significantly transform the approach of the equine industry in caring for and overseeing horses across various disciplines, skill levels, breeds, and capabilities.

Revolutionising Equine Care Worldwide:

The InstantCryo Equine Technology

The InstantCryo device is revolutionising equine care with its specialised and targeted cryotherapy, poised to redefine the industry's approach to the health and performance of horses across all disciplines, skill levels, breeds, and capabilities.

With each purchase of an InstantCryo Equine device, customers are equipped with certified training to maximise the effectiveness of each treatment, ensuring that horses receive the highest standard of care for optimal outcomes.

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Comprehensive Benefits of Cryotherapy for Horses

Enhancing a horse's overall health and performance involves a comprehensive approach that includes improving the recovery process, expanding their range of motion, increasing their stamina, prolonging their longevity, and optimising their ability to perform various tasks and activities through the application of cryotherapy.

By utilising cryotherapy techniques tailored to equine needs, we can help horses achieve a higher level of physical and mental fitness, ultimately contributing to their well-being and performance excellence.

Elevate Your Equine Endeavors with InstantCryo Worldwide Accessibility

The InstantCryo Equine device is readily accessible for purchase across the globe, boasting a presence in numerous countries including the USA, UK, Belgium, Australia, Canada, Spain, and many others.

When you choose InstantCryo, you're not just acquiring a device; you're making a strategic investment that will enhance the well-being of your stable's residents and elevate the success of your equine-related business.

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Discover what our satisfied customers have to say about their experiences with InstantCryo Equine.
"After one cryotherapy session I could immediately see the results. Kobe was extremely soft again and worked so beautifully."

• Shannon S.

"Cryotherapy is a great asset to our stable and something I would now never go without for my team of high-level showjumpers."

• Nicole B.

“This device has allowed me to work full-time with horses, travelling all over the state to help horses of all levels. A career and solid income.”

• Katherine G.


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