Cryotherapeutic Effect

The state-of-the-art InstantCryo Equine device provides a more efficient and effective alternative to icing. Within 30 seconds, it reduces the skin temperature to 4°C degrees, significantly lower than the temperature reached using ice or any form of ice boot on the market.

Combined with the high pressure, this device allows for the Cryotheraputic Effect and CryoStimulation to be achieved.

Treating horses regularly with the InstantCryo Equine device is highly beneficial even if they aren’t injured. Cryotherapy increases blood circulation, contributing to their overall well-being and enhancing their performance in physical activity. Mobility increases, allowing them to move more efficiently, strengthening muscles and joints, and reducing the risk of future injuries and conditions.

Enhanced overall recovery time

Significant reductions in inflammation and pain

Faster and more efficient recovery of tendon, ligament and joint injuries

Increased success rate in rehabilitating various joint conditions

The enhanced healing process of bruising, scars, wounds, and sutures

Increased amplitude of movement and mobility is beneficial post-surgery and for rehabilitation

Controlled swelling and quick drainage of horse haematomas

Treatments relieve tight and strained muscles pre and post-racing or training

Effective for long-term pain management for horses as there are no negative side effects of cryotherapy

A higher resilience to future injury and reduced risk of relapse


Localised Stimulus

The skin surface temperature of the treated area is reduced to 39°F (4°C) within 30 seconds using a steady stream of CO2 at high pressure (60 bar).

Skin receptors such as mechanoreceptors (sensitive to pressure and vibration) and thermoreceptors (sensitive to temperature) are stimulated. The sympathetic nervous system is activated, and the horse's body is sent into a 'no hurt' or 'fight or flight' response.

This results in the following physiological adaptations in the body.


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