About InstantCryo Equine Technology

InstantCryo Equine is available worldwide for the use of all people involved in the equine industry. Whether you aspire to establish your own equine wellness enterprise, offering cryotherapy as a premium service, or if you manage teams and stables and seek elevated levels of equine recovery, health, and performance, InstantCryo Equine is the solution.

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The Development

Ranjeet Furhuraire

Designer + Developer

Ranjeet Furhuraire is the designer and developer of the InstantCryo Equine device. With an impressive 25-year background in cryotherapy, Ranjeet’s expertise has significantly contributed to the accessibility and efficiency of localised cryotherapy treatments for both human and equine use.

Ranjeet’s commitment to innovation has rendered this InstantCryo Equine device the epitome of excellence compared to other localised cryotherapy devices. From carefully selected materials to intelligent user settings and state-of-the-art high-precision technology, this device guarantees safe, effective, and efficient treatments.

The scientific knowledge behind cryotherapy continues to evolve, unveiling the remarkable benefits it has for physical and mental well-being. Ranjeet passionately advocates for the responsible use of cryotherapy and ensures each InstantCryo Equine device owner receives personalised training. Ranjeet emphasises that it’s not just about the device; it’s about harnessing the power of cryotherapy wisely and effectively using it to enhance the lives of countless horses around the globe.


The Specialist

Katherine Grantham

Apex Equine Therapy

Katherine (Kat) Grantham is at the forefront of the world's largest Equine Cryotherapy venture, offering precision cryotherapy sessions customised for horses throughout South Australia, Australia via Apex Equine Therapy.

Her remarkable success with Apex Therapy is paralleled by her exceptional proficiency with the Instantcryo device. This expertise has been demonstrated in various domains, including injury and wound management, as well as the prehabilitation and rehabilitation of numerous horses.

Kat possesses an unrivalled mastery of this cutting-edge technology, having administered targeted treatments to hundreds of horses. On average, she tends to over seven horses daily, six days a week, showcasing an unmatched level of proficiency worldwide. Her extensive knowledge spans device operation, advanced techniques, invaluable insights, injury and wound care utilising the device, handling horses with liquid CO2, and even business development.

With her unmatched skills, Kat has the potential to elevate your equine stable or business to new heights. To delve deeper into Kat's expertise and discover more about her venture, Apex Therapy, you can visit www.apextherapy.com.au and follow her on Instagram.


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