Discover the remarkable efficacy of InstantCryo Equine with our cutting-edge cryotherapy treatment, designed to enhance equine well-being and performance. Witness significant improvements in movement and body engagement after just one session, rapid healing of heel cracks and infected wounds, and dramatic reductions in swelling and proud flesh.

By addressing core muscular issues, InstantCryo facilitates a foundation for optimal muscle development and function, empowering horses to achieve their full potential.

Explore our results and see the transformative power of InstantCryo Equine in action.

Enhancing Equine Movement and Performance

Utilising the InstantCryo Equine device, cryotherapy showcased its remarkable capacity to enhance a horse's movement and overall body function, even after just one session.

Initially, the barrel racer displayed signs of back bracing, hollowing, and insufficient engagement of core muscles, hampering its performance potential and tracking ability. However, following cryotherapy application, muscle tension, inflammation, and residual pain were effectively relieved.

This enabled the horse to utilise its body more efficiently, unlocking its full power and potential, ultimately leading to notable improvements in movement quality and performance outcomes.

Enhancing Equine Movement and Performance

Rapid Recovery

In treating severe heel cracks in a horse exacerbated by adverse weather conditions, a single session of equine cryotherapy yielded remarkable results within 24 hours.

The treatment effectively reduced inflammation, provided immediate pain relief, and accelerated tissue repair, restoring soundness. With the horse regaining comfort and mobility, it could resume regular work activities promptly.

This case highlights the effectiveness of cryotherapy as a swift and efficient intervention in managing equine heel cracks, offering significant benefits for both healing and maintaining performance.

Heel Cracks Case Equine Cryotherapy

Rapid Healing

Following a kick to the inside of her hock from her paddock mate, a mare suffered from a quickly infected wound, posing challenges for her owners in achieving healing. Despite their efforts, the wound persisted, with rapid growth of proud flesh and constant reopening upon walking.

However, after a single cryotherapy treatment, promising results emerged. The proud flesh decreased, and the wound size noticeably reduced, indicating substantial progress in the healing process.

Cryotherapy's effectiveness in addressing the wound's challenges highlights its potential as a valuable intervention in equine wound care, facilitating significant improvements in healing outcomes.

Rapid Healing for Mare's Hock Wound

Wound Healing

Following a full degloving injury to a mare's leg, a stubborn wound segment resisted healing despite conventional treatments. Over 21 days, Cryotherapy was administered every other day, resulting in significant progress.

The wound size decreased by 50%, accompanied by a notable reduction in swelling in the surrounding areas.

This demonstrates Cryotherapy's effectiveness in addressing challenging wounds, particularly in reducing proud flesh, a common issue in equine wound healing.

Wound Healing

Enhancing Equine Muscle Development

Effective muscle building in horses necessitates addressing pre-existing issues like tightness, inflammation, and soreness in their structure.

The InstantCryo device emerges as a valuable solution, relieving these ailments and enabling targeted exercises.

This approach facilitates the horse in attaining a balanced and well-developed musculature, enhancing its overall performance and well-being.


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